• Phil Holbrook

Happy Holidays from Bond180

Bond180 wants to wish everyone a very happy holiday season, it's well deserved! 2020 has been a tough year. We have all lost but, to borrow a sporting analogy, it’s important to learn from your defeats and focus on positives. Our hope is that we can all enter the New Year with renewed optimism and focus to win next year.

There are many positives we hope will be carried forward: The importance of family and true friends, increased tolerance of work/life balance and flexible working, a greater sense of collective responsibility, recognition of the importance of science and reason, and a broader international focus through digital innovation.

There are also many lessons!

  • We are all vulnerable – we need to collaborate and to rely on others at work and at home

  • Markets rarely behave as expected

  • The danger of polarisation and the unintended consequences

  • The world is changing, don’t resist it. We should all innovate to survive and thrive!

  • People present challenges, especially in hard times. Tolerance is critical.

  • Democratic process wins, eventually!

As we take stock on our year and look forward, Bond180 is excited by our achievements and the potential the future holds. Over 2020, we finalised an investor round gaining key supporters, grew our team, completed two accelerators, built and launched the Demand Management System, initiated our technology plans via our open-source Cordaptor initiative, and created exciting plans for 2021. Thank you to all those who have supported us on this journey to date and we are fully focused on delivering a big winning score line for all of you in 2021!

Special thanks to Cambridge Enterprise, R3, Outlier Ventures, F10, Ashurst, Taylor Vinters, Accelerate Cambridge, Leo Greve, Peter Charles and our advisors Keith Bear, Ian Hunt and Dom Holland. And of course, our family and friends.

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