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Bond180 Completes Second Strategic Funding Round

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

London, United Kingdom (June, 2021)Bond180, a provider of enterprise technology solutions, today announced the completion of its second strategic funding round. The undisclosed round means Bond180 have raised in excess of £600k over the past 12 months, having received equity investment from family offices, high net worth angel investors, the University of Cambridge, and R3, the leading provider of distributed ledger and confidential computing technologies.

The round will be used to continue to develop Bond180’s flagship financial technology products, and to secure resources to support a new network infrastructure initiative called 180Protocol. The Bond180 team combines decades of enterprise and technology experience and is backed by an industry-leading advisory and investor panel.

The company offers to its clients three core services. The Demand Management System (DMS) is a demand aggregator and transaction engine for primary fixed income markets. The Issue Administration Network (IAN) offers bespoke digital asset issuance and asset administration services. 180Protocol is a decentralised network infrastructure and application framework for enterprise data sharing that helps create value from passive data assets.

Bond180 believes data together with emerging technologies are driving a significant innovation cycle. It is the company’s mission to give its clients the tools they need remain ahead of the curve.

Bond180 has partnered with R3, the leading enterprise-grade technology provider. Bond180 is also very happy to be supported and invested in by the University of Cambridge, Outlier Ventures, F10 FinTech Incubator and Accelerator, and its strategic investors and advisors.

Our mission is to help optimise value creation through leveraging enterprise data. We do this by deploying and weaving together nascent technologies to provide a powerful suite of products helping to create exciting new marketplaces.” – Phil Holbrook, founder of Bond180.

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