• Conor Diviney

Bond180 at the Ashurst FinTech Legal Lab

Bond180 last week was thrilled to take part in the inaugural Ashurst FinTech Legal Lab. Over three exciting days at Ashurst’s Spitalfields headquarters, the team joined 29 of London’s other leading fintechs for a program of legal advice and immersion.

The event was a demonstration of the power, value, and strength of the London fintech ecosystem. Ashurst brought together dozens of entrepreneurs, founders, industry leaders, and legal talent to exchange ideas and define the future of fintech. We’re proud to be part of the fintech ecosystem in London and the future we’re all creating.

At Bond180, our legal and regulatory path is critical to the work we’re doing to improve debt markets. The FinTech Legal Lab and our relationship with Ashurst gives us confidence we can execute on our vision and deliver valuable solutions for our clients. As our CEO Phil noted during the event, “Bond180 is a complex and elegant solution requiring significant legal work and the event was a real opportunity for to test our assumptions.” The final day of the programme was pitch day, where Phil took the stage to deliver an excellent pitch for Bond180 to an audience of leading industry experts, VCs, and fellow entrepreneurs.

We thank Ashurst for an excellent programme and look forward to working together with Tara, Abradat, Tim, and the rest of the Ashurst team to grow our business.

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